College Soccer

It is not long time ago since soccer world cup ended and I have to say that it was awesome. Very very awesome world cup and there is no wonder why this is the most popular sport. It took long time, but this sport is getting more and more popular in USA also and I think that it is great. Soccer is perfect sport for college, because you do not need to be any super special body type and you do not need some expensive equipment to play it. Oh no, you just need ball!

If you USA want to be top country in this sport, than it is extremely important that more and more people plays this sport and that is why it is absolutely necessary that soccer is played in college.

College soccer is a game that is called as football in all other countries in the world. This is played by amateurs, or athletic students in leagues operated by the colleges and universities, as opposed to a financial league that is dominated by the professional players. The popularity of this sport knows no boundaries, and with the FIFA world cup in the year of 2014 coming up, USA features a prominent member of the elite 32 teams to take part in it. It is a game that also enjoys the same kind of popularity in college level in South Korea and Canada.
In the United States alone, the college soccer features in the different college activities in associations like the NCAA, NAIA and the NCCAA along with the USCAA and the National Intramural and Recreational Sports Association, which is basically for the schools without any college programs but have a college level club team. There are many of the professional club level players that have graduated from the college soccer, and attend the Premier Development League or the PDL, during its summer camp. At the end of the NCAA college league season, there is a draft which is organized. It is during this event that the professional clubs in the USA have the opportunity to pick players from the direct college level. The Professional league clubs can then use the opportunity to use such players in the Major League Soccer or the MLS and the Major Indoor Soccer League or the MISL.
However, the rules are a little different from the FIFA regulations. In the FIFA laws of the game, if a player accumulates two yellow cards, he sits out for the next game of the team. In the MLS version of the game, the player can accumulate around 5 yellow cards, before he is to sit out for the next game. In FIFA rules, a manager or coach can make up to 3 substitutions in a 90 minute game. However, in the MLS version, a manager or coach can make unlimited substitutions, but the player cannot enter the game in the same half that he was substituted from. All the matches in the MLS have the provision of overtime. If the teams are unable to score in the designated time, then the game is diverted to SUDDEN DEATH. This is not the format of the FIFA, as they have penalties before it can come to SUDDEN DEATH.
The NCAA first began holding a national league in the year of 1959. Before that, they had the league determined by a national poll through a national tournament. The Indiana University is the most successful university in college soccer, winning around 8 titles in the league, since it was started. The inaugural championship was won by the St Louis University, which was held in 1959. The team was mostly made up of the local players, which defeated most of the teams which consisted of foreign players. There are 3 divisions of the college soccer, and most of them are dominated by the teams that have got a good side on their part. Virginia has also won a record four consecutive national championship from the year of 1991 to 1994, all under their head coach Bruce Arena, who later became the head coach of the US National Team.
The game is a noted sport in most schools in the country and a good healthy activity involving a lot of players. This game fosters a bond of friendship and also helps people to get in touch with the meaning of comrades. In the college soccer, there has been a noted improvement in the aspect of technical skills being presented and also in the form of excellent technology being implemented in the helm of all affairs. The draft feature has also helped a lot of people to go about their studies while pursuing professional football in the hope of getting into a good team. So, as you can see, the college soccer has been fostering the best of the players that continue to represent the United States of American Soccer team, and win a lot of accolades for their country and themselves.

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College Basketball

College basketball- Competitive playing at the best
Only in the United States of America, do you get college basketball to be a fiercely competitive sport, which has a support from the entire community and also is played between players of two colleges of universities. Tracing the history from the YMCA international training school, which is otherwise known as the Springfield College, it was first developed by James Naismith. This game was primarily requisitioned as they needed players to keep fit during the winter but they should not get injured in the process. Rules were formulated and the college basketball played its first game in December 21st, 1891. After this game, the popularity and the word of mouth publicity of the game of basketball helped many colleges and schools to adopt this game in their sports curriculum.
College basketball is actually governed by the United States’ National Collegiate Athletic Association or the NCAA, the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics or the NAIA, the United States Collegiate Athletic Association or the USCAA, the national Christian College Athletic Association or the NCCAA and the National Junior College Athletic Association or the NJCAA. These are the primary governing bodies that you can find in the college basketball in the United States.
The first known college to field a fully fledged basketball team against an opponent was the Vanderbilt University. This game was played against the local YMCA in Nashville, Tennessee, on the February 7th, 1893. This is a very exciting game, and brought about a lot of popularity to the sport. The first important tournament that pertains to basketball was the 1904 summer Olympics. It was just a platform for demonstration that basketball was a sport that was gaining steady stream of supporters and the championship tournament was held. In this tournament, the victor was the Hiram College. After that, there was a two game championship series held, between the universities of Chicago and Penn, and Chicago emerged as victorious in both games.
In the march of 1922, the National Intercollegiate Basketball Tournament was held in Indianapolis, which was exclusive for the college teams. The Wabash College won the tournament. In the year 1939, another tournament was implemented by the National Collegiate Athletic Association of the NCAA. The location varies from year to year and multiple locations are chosen to host the event. Even though the NIT was formed way before the NCAA, but that competition lost its sheen due to the popularity of the NCAA. In the year of 1951, with a lot of scandals going on in New York and many sports based people losing interest in the sport, the NCAA was deemed only to field the best of the top ranking teams and the conference championship teams in it. This led to a lot of people returning to the sport as the games got exciting and more and more people followed the game with aplomb. When the NCAA expanded the total tally of teams from 25 to 32, and then 48 and the present 64 in 2011, interest began to come in this long format of the game. With the strongest and the best teams coming in the fold of this championship, there were people that had a lot of support and interest in the game.
In the last upgrade, the total team tally was increased to 68 teams, which increased the fan base also. This is the strategy which was adopted by the NCAA in widening the fan base, and they have become successful in that venture with more and more competition coming within the games. College basketball was never the same again with such kind of play, and it developed into a serious scholarship oriented game that could entice people to study in the best of the universities. This is a further incentive to the students that are well on the way to the best Ivy League schools and universities.
Now, with the NBA having a formidable say in the professional league of basketball, more people have turned to the college basketball for the fun and relief. This kind of game has got a huge fan following in the United States, and with time, it will only continue to grow amid much fanfare.

College basketball is simply awesome and especially in US collleges. there is no doubt there there is no country in the world with so high quality college basketball as US has.

I wish I was college again and could play this awesome game with my friends, but watching it is also very awesome.



College Football

American College Football- The nation’s favourite
If you are familiar with the term football, you would visualize the men, in shorts and kicking a round ball. However, in America, football signifies men in tights, and wearing helmets and running around with an oval shaped leather ball. So, while you think the game represents more of rugby and less of football, which is what it is in America. The game is more of a Rugby, and less of football. In America, Football is actually called soccer. So much of the fancy terms of this country in this sporting event is not a familiar territory with all the other countries in the world.
In America, college football is really popular. It is played by student athletes that are coached by the American universities, colleges and almost all military academies. Much hold similar to Canada, who has college football with the same credits but only negating the participation of military schools in this game. It is with the rules designated for the college football that the game got all the refined rules in the professional league.
The game has got a very generous influence of rugby, and a bit of old school football. However, it is an amalgamated version of those, and is extremely popular in the country. The first ever college football game that happened between the two American teams were with Princeton and Rutgers University in the year of 1869. However, since this game did not have any refined rules, the game was more like soccer, rather than rugby. With time, the game got more refined, and more people began to play the game and take a notable interest in it. The completion of the American football season came due to the need for the formation of a league that can control the happening of the game, which was gaining such popularity.
Walter Camp, is also known as the father of American Football, as he is credited with the change of the game from a unique twist of rugby to the sport that is unique to America. As he was a rugby coach, he could devise a new set of rules which was ensuring that the game would be in a unique manner, and also be could be something that can be enjoyed by many. So with all the set of rules being devised by this person, one could gain a lot of understanding on what seems to be the modern version of the game in today’s times. Walter camp was also responsible for the popularizing the game and also responsible for the eleven-man team.
NCAA or the National Collegiate Athletic Association was set up in the year of 1910, catering to the governing of the sport. There was a lot of interest garnered by this feature, and many people and colleges had put down their team to be a part of the NCAA. So even after the emergence of the NFL or the National Football League, a professional league, the college football remained extremely popular in the hearts of the people. Although there is more money in the professional league, but the sheer amount of fans, that contribute towards this kind of a college level league definitely triumphs the money factor in the football. Also for those college athletes that play under the governing body of the NCAA, they are not to be paid any salary for the services rendered to the college. All they get are athletic scholarships that can provide for tuition, housing and books.
Also the college teams play most of the other similar sized schools that can be found though the NCAA division system.
The division 1 mainly consists of the major college teams that have a large budget, better facilities and more athletic scholarships.
The division 2 consists of smaller public and private schools and college that offer fewer scholarships.
The division 3 offers no scholarships although they can have teams.
The division is gone into a further macro level with Bowl Subdivision, which consist of largest programs, and the championship subdivision. There are no leagues to determine the winner; instead the teams compete in the post-season games for the fight to supremacy of the American Football.

As we mentioend in the very first post on this site, college sport is really very popular these days and in fact, popularity of college sports grows every year. When we speak about USA, everyone knows that one of the most popular sports there is football and even most popular os definetely NFL, people just loves college football also. Here you can see some really awesome stuff that college football brings us. It is beautiful sport isn’t it? I have to admit here that even I played football in college and it was probably the best moments of my life so every time I watch video like this one, it brings so much memories. I really cannot helo myself, sometimes I even cry.

Well, I do not think that it is shame, because tears means emotions and everyone who has done any sport even not at professional level knows very well that it is usually full of emotions. Enjo this video and of course also the rest of this article.


College Football Is Simply Amazing

Hi Everybody!

Hi everybody, I’m really happy to announce you that we are finally fully operational and there will be lot of new stuff here at College Sports Video. Millions of people all over world loves college sports and that is the reason why we are here. we are going to give you info and of course also videos with these sports, but also much much more stuff from different areas.

College Girls

Is there any heterosexual male on this planet who does not like college girls? Really I mean this, find me one normal guy who does not like ‘em and I’m going to give you some kind of medal that you are very good searcher. Why would I do that? Well, the reason is extremely simple, because it would be super hard to find such person. There are so many great things about these girls that I do not even know where to start. Well, we have to start somewhere, so why not to start with the best things first? Well, that is also problem, how you can tell what is best? I do not know, because every man has different ideas and that is also of course this case. So I just pick one thing and start with that.


It is something like joke that you can see many times on the internet, but it is also absolutely truth. So in fact when it is truth can it also be joke? I do not know, but maybe yes. Well the truth is that no matter how old are you, college girls are always the same age. Hehe this is trully awesome, but also absolutely true. There is also one very famous meme about it and I’m sure you probably know it.
This age college girls are is really awesome. Women in this age are almost always really beautiful, but they are also at least somehow experienced so its fun to be with them. What is also really important that they usually do some kind of sport and also they appreciate older guys with money and so. That is something really cool about them. Well, of course that is not all, there are so many other things.


When someone says college girls that the association to me is really fast and it is always this word – party. College girls knows how to party and partying is really one of the things you definetely do not have to teach them. Well in fact I’m pretty sure that they might teach you few things about partying. Here is one of the great examples I’m sure you gonna enjoy a lot!

Did you like this video? I simply love it, mostly because it brings back so much memories. Memories about wild parties that started in the morning, or started in the evening before..well sometimes party started and you did not even know when. Oh man these were really the gold ages! So awesome it was and ostly because of all these awesome girls. They simply knew how to party hard nad you can be absolutely sure that college girls of these days knows it also and maybe they knows it even better! The best kind of parties were definetely pool parties. Pool parties like this one with Sophia.


Yeah maybe because these girls likes to wear crazy clothes and loves to party does not mean that they are stupid or something. In my experience very often it means just opposite. They like to enjoy the life and they are not shy to express it. In my opinion that is really not sign of stupidity, oh no, that is sign of courage and intelligence and one of reasons why college girls are so popular among men and always will be. As long as there will be men, as long as there will be girls and colleges, these girls will be on top of many wishlists, that is something you can be absolutely sure about.

My Favorite College Girl – Sophia Winters

Ok here it comes! I’m sure when you have been reading this article I have written (and I know you liked it, because my writing is simply amazing) you wanted to know which of those college girls is my favorite. Well, I’m going to tell you and you will love that answer if you do not know this chick yet. My favorite is Sophia Winters. Here is her site.
You know why I like Sophia Winters so much? Well I will tell you secret, secret I have never told anyone before. I like her so much because I once knew a girl who has been very similar to her. Well, I mean she looked very similar, I do not know her personality, but that look! It is really incredible how similar she looked. In fuct if you saw these girls standing next to each other you would probably think they are sisters, or maybe even twins or maybe even the very same person from parallel universe. Yes I really mean it that they looked so similar. I have some amazing memories about that girl and that is the reason why I can tell you that when I first saw Sophia I was so happy!
Well I do not think that I like ONLY that I once met girl that looked like her. Oh no, there is so much more in fact! Just look at her how sexy she is! Those eyes, that pretty face, those hair, that body. Hell, that is not something you see every day, is it?